Hey, its MaxxABillion here, and welcome to AsaTera. This blog is dedicated to talking about marijuana startups, canna-businesses and individual people who do unique things with cannabis.

The marijuana industry is developing at a rapid pace and new startups are being created almost on a weekly basis. Marijuana consumers may (or may not) be aware of the products and services that are entering the market.

AsaTera’s mission is to serve as a one-stop blog where consumer can learn about the latest marijuana startups and unique products.

AsaTera Vision

AsaTera launched on 4/20/15 (I know cliche right?) however, this blog is one of three components that will eventually makeup the AsaTera Brand. The next two components are “G14 Classified” but will launch on 4/20/16 and 4/20/17.

A blog alone is not enough to get information into the hands of consumers. As mobile device become ever more imposing in our lives, video content has become how consumers “consume” information (hint hint).

The next 2 1/2 years, is AsaTera brand development strategy with the sole purpose of accomplishing our mission of being “the one location on the Internet where consumers can learn about the latest startups and unique marijuana products.

If you are a startup, canna-business, or someone with a marijuana product, I would love to write about you. Head over to my Contact Page and drop me a message.

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