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Day 4 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups and I’m EXTREMELY excited about the company I’m writing about. 420swarm is a Cannabis Marketing and PR company owned by Aimee Shuman. Before I dive into the content of this post, let me give a little background on how I stumbled upon 420Swarm.

After I completed Wednesday’s post, I was calling it a night but I decided to do one last scroll through my twitter feed and saw a post from Cheryl Shuman congratulating her daughter on launching her new company 420Swarm.

I decided to follow Aimee and as soon as I clicked follow, she followed me back. I thought, that was “odd” but shrugged it off as everyone on Twitter follows back, right? Curiosity got the best of me so I did a little research on 420Swarm and stumbled upon Aimee’s video explaining what 420Swarm is. I watched a couple of minutes of the video and at the same time tweeted to Aimee asking If I could write about 420Swarm. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect her to respond, because I was thinking “This is Aimee Shuman, daughter of Cheryl Shuman “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana”, she’s not going to pay any attention to AsaTera!!” I shrugged if off as me attempting the impossible.

Not even five minutes after my Tweet, Aimee sent me a DM asking if we could chat. I was totally caught off guard and shocked.

I waited until the next day (today) to speak to Aimee. She is pleasantly down to earth and very knowledgable. Just in the 10 minutes of our conversation, I learned several little golden nuggets that I plan in implementing in this blog.

I can ramble on, but I decided to write a couple questions for Aimee to answer in regards to 420Swarm. Below, you can see her answers.

Can you explain who Aimee Shuman is, and your background in the MJ industry?

As a PR professional servicing the cannabis industry, I’m passionate about bringing to market dynamic cannabis products and services that customers love and recommend.
My first personal experience with cannabis was in 2006 when I learned how to cultivate and use the medicinal powers of cannabinoids during a my mother’s illness. After experiencing the plant’s effectiveness, we were inspired to start a cannabusiness, so we launched an event company called The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Using our PR contacts, we increased our brand’s awareness by garnering consistent national, international, regional, and local press. By the end of our 5 year marketing plan, we had our pick of exit strategies: private investors, people wanting to license the name, venture capitalists wanting to take the company public, and even production companies wanting to create a reality show about us and the company.

In the beginning though, I was afraid to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit in this budding industry; afraid I would look ridiculous, afraid to try, and afraid to fail. At first, I didn’t earn nearly as much as I had been in the corporate marketing world, and I certainly had some doubts about my chosen career path. Following your passion takes courage, especially if you don’t see the results as quickly as you’d like!

After spending a decade in the cannabis industry, I garnered a deep knowledge base on all sides of the flower, from seed to consumer. I see each new business as an opportunity to grow cutting edge cannabusinesses into major cannabrands. I enjoy sharing my ideas and experience to help others succeed. The PR and marketing techniques I use are dear to me, not only because they bring me true fulfillment, but because I am convinced that they can bring some good to other cannabis companies too. Best of all, I want my clients to be as inspired and passionate about what they do as I am.

For someone who doesn’t know what 420 Swarm is, can you give a brief explanation what the company does?

420 Swarm is a public relations agency specializing in the cannabis industry; we help each client engage, communicate and build relationships with their stakeholders and customers.

When you take on a new client, what can the company expect from you and your team at 420 Swarm?

We help each client with their PR needs: media relations, media training, crisis management, employee engagement, market entry, event planning or social media marketing. For example, the PR needs for a cannabis blog would be to strategically position the site as an influencer within the media.

As a PR expert, what is the biggest issue most companies deal with when it comes to media relations, content development, and the overall getting their company recognized as a brand?

The biggest issue for many cannabis companies is that they have limited advertising and marketing options. On top of that the federal government prohibits them from business related tax credits and business related deductions. 420 Swarm has everything that it takes to satisfy our cannabis clients. Our industry connections, material resources, and pool of professionals make it possible for clients to enjoy cutting-edge and effective PR and marketing services. We help empower people on their need for better cannabis brand interaction and ability to reach more communities.

What is the best way for a company to contact 420Swarm?
You can visit us online at or any of our social media networks @420Swarm.

There you have it, directly from Aimee.  If you’re a marijuana startup or a cannabusiness that is trying to develop your brand, market your company, or just get your name out there, 420Swarm is definitely there to help.  Aimee is passionate about what she does and has a team of experts ready to begin working with you.  Follow @420Swarm on Twitter and check out their site.  Let them know AsaTera sent you!!

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  1. Dave H.! The modest tone in your post is making me smile from ear to ear. Everyone, the Asatera blog has been graced with the presence of a retired businessman from a “Big Five” firm, the recipient of multiple entrepreneur awards and the chairman of a nonprofit in his home town that helps the unemployed find stable jobs. Dave is truely a role model for young business people and it’s an honor that you took the time to comment on my business story. Thank you. Oh! And, thank you for the kind compliment too.

    How’s your son and his partner progressing on the project? Everyone, his son is a year into developing an ancillary cannabis product. In addition, Dave, you’re timing couldn’t be more perfect. I just returned from a week of Las Vegas based conferences The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, The Marijuana Investor Summit, The National Cannabis Industry Association Banquet and The Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards private event. I need your help answering specific steel fabrication questions, because I have clients that need to start focusing on the top line and begin expanding into doing their own manufacturing.

    Let’s take this conversation offline, you can still reach me on so please respond directly to me.

    1. Post

      Hey Dave,

      I’m not sure Aimee checks this post often, but i’ll definitely let her know that you’re trying to reach her.

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