Baker App creates a new cannabis buying experience

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Day 2 of 30 days of Marijuana Startups and todays’ is about the Baker.  Baker is an app to make the cannabis buying experience better, at your dispensary!  This startup caught my attention because it brings something unique to the industry that I haven’t seen yet, in the form of app-only discounts, and loyalty rewards whenever you purchase at your local dispensary. 

The app is aesthetically pleasing and designed quite well, however, i’m basing that assumption on the picture of the app on their website.

The app is straight forward in what it wants to accomplish, and thats to bring a new and unique buying experience to marijuana consumers.  As I mentioned previous, customers who use Baker’s mobile app gets access to “Baker-only” discounts, earn loyalty rewards when you make purchases, and reserve your favorite products while it’s in stock.


You can “Find Your Dispensary” by name or using the map within the app as well as start your order.


Within the app, you can browse your favorite items, such as concentrates, flowers, and edibles. 

Baker-Menu Baker-OrderStatus

The app is updated in real time and you can find any product carried at your local dispensary.  The high-res photos, strain information, and pricing are all at your fingertips to aid you before making a purchase.


Once you place an order, you’ll receive text alerts when it is ready for pick up; so no lines or waiting.  I really like this feature because I hate waiting in line.  I truly believe that Baker wants to make the cannabis buying experience a unique one. 

I can’t help but feel as if it’s like order pizza via an app, but its cannabis, and instead of selecting the option for “delivery,” you just get alerted when your cannabis is ready for pickup!! I like it!!! Sign me up!!

Baker is currently partnered with the best dispensaries in Denver, Breckenridge, Bend, Venice Beach, CA and more.  

Follow Baker on Facebook and on Twitter @TryBaker let them know AsaTera sent you!!

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