Big Momma's Legacy essential oils

Big Momma’s Legacy: Marijuana Infused Essential Oils

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Day 7 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups.  This post is special to me because technically it’s not a startup.  Instead its someone that has a unique marijuana product.  Its special because initially when I created this blog, I wanted to start at the grassroots level and find people who does unique things with cannabis.

So far its been a challenging task to find people.  However, a woman by the name of Bridgett Davis; creator of Big Momma’s Legacy, reached out to me asking if I could write about her product line of marijuana infused essentials oils.  Without hesitation, I said yes! 

I spoke with Bridgett on the phone and we immediately hit it off.  It was almost a “meant to be meeting” between us, we just connected so well.  She briefly shared with me her background and her products, and I explained the reason I created my blog.

I asked Bridgett if I can type some questions to allow her to tell everyone about herself, Big Momma’s Legacy, as well as her products.  Below you can see her responses.


Big Momma's Legacy essential oils

Big Momma’s Legacy essential oils


1. Who is Bridgett Davis?  Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a dedicated and passionate licensed Real Estate Professional with Sotheby’s International property. I have over 13 years experience as a active Realtor. I have over a decade of history working as an associate for Top Producers in the industry. My strong attention to detail, effective time management, efficient multi-tasking in addition to my high performing track record make me a expert in Real Estate.

2.  What made you want to start your company Big Momma’s Legacy?

After making a decision to deal with some of my adult issues, I started a journey of recovery… I decided to stop drinking (July 19, 2014) and deal with some of my own demons. During the process I went through a range of emotions from Rage, Anger, disappointment, remorseful, to finally fully acceptance of all me. What I learned and embraced was cannabis helped me to maintain my life while I went through such a huge life change. Cannabis allowed me to relax and sort through my issues without relying on any prescription drugs. My interest was peeked on the healing properties of the plant, I wanted everyone to share and experience what I had experienced with this Beautiful Plant.  Fast forward 45 days, here I am.


Big Momma's Legacy essential oils

Big Momma’s Legacy essential oils


3.  What sort of products do you offer?

Big Momma’s Legacy offers a Topical Cream, Salves, Body Butter and Lip Balm. All of our products are made with 100% Natural Products and Certified Essential Oils. Our products are geared for Holistic Use and provide relief for body pains and aches. Our products are created with over 13 different Essential Oils that together with cannabis alleviates pain, Relaxes your body and soothes sore muscles.

4.  Who would benefit from using your product? 

Anyone who is looking to relieve from muscles and aches, improve focus, energy and concentration, boost Immune system, fights infections, and Overall Wellness of the body.

* All information is for Educational Purposes, please consult your physician before trying Essential Oils and Cannabis*

5.  If someone is interested in purchasing your products, how would they contact you to do so?

If someone is interested please contact me at


800.565.0325 eFax

InstaGram @BigMommasLegacy

Website Launch Fall 2015

There you have it, Big Momma’s Legacy’s marijuana infused essential oils.  Bridgett is based out of California, so if you’re on the west coast, send her an email and let her know you’re interested in her oils.  Let her know that you AsaTera sent you.

I’ll continue to stay in contact with Bridgett.  Through our brief conversation, I can hear the passion in her voice, and I’m attracted to ambitious and passionate people.  I will find out If she would send me some samples of her oils, so that I can conduct a give-away!  Stay tuned!

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  1. I use the product to help relieve the pain in both knees and both shoulders joint even after a full right shoulder replacement if it was possible I would take a full bath in this product. I even use a ointment to heal dryness above my eyes needing vitamin e .

    1. Post

      Thats awesome, i’ve heard nothing but great things about her products. Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter, I plan on doing a give away of some of her products.

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