Bourgeoisie Brunches: The Science of Cooking with Cannabis

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Day 8 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups!  Like yesterday, today’s post is technically not a startup, but instead about someone who does something unique with cannabis.  

I found Ricky Flickenger on MassRoots as @ChefRicky.  I was intrigued with the foods he cooked with marijuana.  The food looked so delicious and was more than just the traditional pot brownies or rice crispy treats.  

I decided to reach out to Chef Ricky to see if I could write about him.  We spoke on the phone briefly, and he told me a how he got started with cooking marijuana and the company he created called Bourgeoisie Brunches.

Chef Ricky hosts cooking classes within his home or he will travel to you location (within reason).  He’s based out of Seattle, WA in Capitol Hill and classes are held on Saturdays, Sundays, and occasionally on Friday. 

I typed some questions for Chef Ricky to give him an opportunity to talk about his passion; cooking, and teaching others the science of cooking with cannabis!

1.  Can you tell me a little about about yourself?

I am a self made chef. I love to teach my classes with food science. I have a degree in psychology, not culinary. I have been cooking & baking for years, literally since I was 5. My main goal for teaching people to cook is to bring back the art of family cooking. One thing I have noticed is we are all so busy. One of the first things to go is cooking your own meal, because there is so much already made/processed food out there. I like to show people that it is easy to make your own food, tastes better, and is better for you. I also love showing people that you don’t need a degree or a fancy kitchen to make fabulous meals, just a little bit of know how & some food science. I want people to love food again.

Kief Butter

Kief Butter

2.  When did you decide to create Bourgeoisie Brunches?

Bourgeoisie Brunches was created one summer after getting laid off when the economy in this country crashed…and it was the perfect time. I had been running (didn’t own) a premier bakery here in Seattle, and it was time to go. I worked 90 hours a week/7 days a week, wasn’t getting the recognition I wanted, or the pay, so it was actually a great boost to start my own thing. I had time that summer to think about what I wanted to do. 

I wanted to show people what food could really be like at home. I wanted to teach people skills that they could pass on to their families. I want that knowledge to become generational, not locked away as a secret in restaurants. Bourgeoisie was born – and has always felt very natural for me.

Marijuana Infused Ice Cream

Marijuana Infused Ice Cream

3.  When did you realize you could really make an impact by cooking with cannabis?

It was actually this spring. I have been smoking & eating cannabis for quite a awhile. Most of the edibles I had were made by others, and got the job done, but didn’t taste very good…unless they were loaded up on sugar & chocolate. Shortly after it was legal here, I started getting my hands on some of the concentrates to cook with. I started studying the science behind cooking with cannabis. Most of the information out there is written by college kids who just want to get stoned, or by people who liked to eat it and not smoke…but were terrible cooks. 

I thought I could combine my two loves, cannabis & food. I got to work combining foods most people don’t think about when thinking of edibles. That’s actually why the tagline for this part of my business, “Go beyond the brownie”. I can teach you anything, from brownies & ice cream, to chile & soufflés. I want to turn this part of the industry into something beautiful, something delicious, something that can potentially help others – whether it is helping them learn to cook, how to dose properly at home, or how to make a daily medicinal schedule more interesting than just a brownie.


Looks Delicious!!

4.  What’s the craziest meal you’ve created?

I think the craziest meal I’ve ever made is actually coming up in November. I’m Being flown to Denver by to cook a “Danksgiving” dinner for a large group of people. I have a day to shop & day to cook in a town I’ve never been to, in a kitchen I’ve never seen, and for people I haven’t met yet…it’s going to be AMAZING! 



5.  What can students expect when they sign up for your class?

Students can expect a laid back atmosphere where experienced & new cannabis users can both feel welcome.

After signing up for class Chef will send instructions for your cannabis purchase. Though the class is not illegal, WA law still prohibits Chef Ricky from providing the cannabis for students. Chef Ricky does partner with several recreational stores in town, however, some granting a small discount for students shopping for Chef Ricky’s class.

As class is held in his private residence, students may feel free to smoke or vape during class. Class will go into our local laws, how cannabis effects the body (both recreationally & medically), how to decarb your cannabis, why we use concentrates in class & not fresh bud, and how to infuse it into & cook the dishes.

Class ends with the creation of the last dish, and students leave feeling happy indeed 🙂

ummm Doughnuts!!!

ummm Doughnuts!!!

6.  Where do you see yourself and your company in 5-10 years?

I see myself very busy, LOL. I am currently going through a rebrand (no sneek peeks, sorry, lol) so it will be a different name, but I want to keep the feel for this business like it currently is, a friend coming to your house to show you how to cook. My hope is to continue to travel for classes, and to eventually teach more out of my place. I currently just teach out of a small apartment, but the husband and I are looking to eventually buy a house. I’d love a large space to teach, and a garden (my other passion) to get the food from. I also want to set other chefs out on this path as well. Going forward to share their skills & their knowledge. Bring cooking back to the everyday person. 

I can tell that Chef Ricky wants to change the perspective on what cooking with cannabis really means.  In my opinion, we need more pioneers like him to truly drive the marijuana industry.  

If you’re in Seattle, WA and would like to learn a new and better way to cook with cannabis, go ahead and reserve your seat in one of Chef’s courses.  Also, follow him @BrunchQueen on Twitter, Facebook,  and chefrickybb23 on Instagram.  

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