Exporting and Importing Marijuana

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Exporting Marijuana

Marijuana exportation is not a topic that is talked about much.  However, I believe in exportation lies the true essence and the beauty of marijuana as a commodity.  States with recreational and legal medical marijuana are already pioneers and stand to reap even more financial benefits that they are currently enjoying.  If and when marijuana becomes legal at the federal level, those states are postured to be the first states to kick start exporting marijuana.  When I refer to exporting, I’m talking about exporting marijuana globally.  “Grown In America” marijuana has a nice ring to it, but some countries are already taking the lead and posturing themselves to export their own marijuana to the global economy.

Canada leads the way in exporting

“Made in Canada” is normally associated with maple syrup from Canada, however, Canada is in the works of exporting the BC Bud they are known for.  Even though marijuana is illegal, On April 1, 2014 the Canadian government laid the ground work of new rules to export marijuana.  Furthermore, under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), Canada no longer provides medical marijuana for patients.  Instead, patients with a proven medical need, can purchase marijuana directly from licensed commercial producers.

Not to add insult to injury but last week I wrote about Marijuana and the Banking Industry so I won’t beat a dead horse, however, in Canada, banks are financing marijuana businesses.  Furthermore, Canada also have publicly traded marijuana companies.  It seems that Canada is at most, a decade ahead of us and I must admit, I am little jealous.  I love our Canadian neighbors, however, I much rather see “Grown In America” stamped on marijuana circulating the global economy first, rather than some “Made In Canada” BC Bud.  

Are Marijuana Farmers ready to export

It’s not a secret that marijuana farmers will take a loss when marijuana becomes legal.  However, what farmers lose in local customers, they stand to gain more customers from outside states and other countries.  Farmers will face several dilemmas and would probably be the most effected by legalization.  Farmers have to worry about small time growers, consumers growing their own, providing to dispensaries, etc.  Even though the scenario for farmers seem bleak, they do stand to be the heart of the industry.  In order for farmers to adapt and overcome the changes, they need to look to exporting their products to other states as well as other countries.  

How does legalization in America effect the global economy?

America, as a global power, tend to lead in all areas.  However, when we legalize, would countries follow us and do the same?  Will their be a demand for “Grown In America” marijuana? Will farmers and small growers be able to meet the new demand?  Is there a system in place to begin exporting marijuana outside the U.S.?  These are several questions I have and would appreciate if you leave comments down below on what you believe how the global economy will be effected when America legalizes marijuana.     

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