Grow with ROOT a smart device that allows you to grow plants indoors

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Day 6 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups. Today’s marijuana startup Ohneka Farms’s ROOT.  ROOT is a smart, connected device that allows your to grow a variety of (marijuana) plants indoors with minimal upkeep!”  

I like Ohneka Farms for the mere fact that the company stands for growing your own food.  We all know how processed foods permeate throughout our ever day lives.  Ohneka Farms looks to alleviate some of this problem by allowing consumers to grow their own food (and marijuana).  

ROOT uses hydroponic gardening that uses mineral nutrient solution in water.  This ensures that plants receive nutrients directly into their roots. 

What I love about ROOT is that combines the ease of growing indoors with tech. You can control the entire grow operation with ease with their app.

Some of the feature and benefits of ROOT is:

  • Natural Growing – ROOT Food is a specially formulated blend that ensures healthy growth without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides.
  • Light Automation – Proprietary LED lighting system is optimized to grow plants faster and healthier.
  • Low Energy – Uses less energy than the amount it takes to run a few incandescent light bulbs.
  • Space Efficiency – Can grow 4 mature specimens or propagate 16 (marijuana) plants total in just one cubic foot of space.
  • Notifications – Will send you a message when it needs more food and water.
  • Water Automation – Delivers nutrient infused water directly to the root system.

Ohneka Farms are taking pre-orders and at $299 you’ll receive the ROOT Tower, 16 reusable pods, their nutrient solution, seeds for vegetable and herbs, and 30-day return policy and a 2 year policy!

I wonder if they would let me do an unboxing video of their product and take it for a spin?

Follow Root on @growwithroot, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Let them know AsaTara sent you.

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