Metavap VUE. The world’s first flower+concentrate vaporizer

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Day 3 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups and I’m switching it up a little bit.  A marijuana startup by the name of Metavap responded to my tweet about wanting to write about an international marijuana startup.  

At first, I was like “I’m was referring to international marijuana startups!”  After some thought, I realized that any startup that goes out their way to reach out to blogs such as mine deserves immediate attention.  I let Metavap know that today’s post will be about them, so I immediately started to learn about their company and the product that they’re offering.

Metavap is a NY based, design led hardware startup developing the VUE infusion vaporizer.  They’re developing it to solve a problem that most vape consumers experience, and thats having to use multiple vaporizer for various types of cannabis.  

VUE solves this problem “by composing two separate chambers, one designed for the heating of concentrates, and one designed for the heating of flowers, it can regulate each material properly and ensure the best quality vapor is produced for both materials.

According to their example “if an M.S. patient finds that a specific type of flower strain reduces their spasms and their physical pain, but also finds that a specific type of concentrate is effective at relieving their anxiety, they could combine the two into a single dose with VUE and receive an entourage effect that quickly alleviates both symptoms at once.

I can honestly say my mind is blown right now!!! If you get the magnitude of that this means, stop reading right now and leave a comment below!!!  I’m visualizing an entire new high, or new way to medicate!! 

I can continue writing about what the VUE is and what it can do, but a video of the VUE V2 Prototype Demo can explain it much better.  

I can tell that Metavap is serious about development of the VUE (i’m not alluding that any startup isn’t) and as they enter into the beta stage of their product, they are looking for testers.  There is a small VUE Beta Tester Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire.  If you have some free time to travel to Rhode Island or Scarsdale, NY, then go ahead and fill out the questionnaire.  

This is the first way I’ve seen a company search for beta testers.  I think it’s pretty cool!!

If you’re new to this blog, or returning, then you know I love when companies are diligent to bring something new to the industry.  I feel as if Metavap VUE is a true game changer.  If you’re a vape consumer, then you know the variety of vaporizer that are currently on the market.  

Lets face it, vaping is the future and VUE stand to be at the forefront of it!  Metavap is on my watch list, and i’ll definitely be reaching out to the company for some more information!

For now, go ahead and follow @_Metavap_ on twitter and VUE on Facebook.  Let them know AsaTera sent you!!

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