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Day 17 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  I mentioned before, I pay specific attention to startups who reach out to me via social media and this particular startup did exactly that.  Therefore, to start 2016 off, today’s startup is an app called MJ MaryJane created by a team over at Marmot Jaguar Corp.

Bertrand Bisson is the CEO of Marmot Jaguar and is no stranger to creating a startup.  He is 28 years old, born in Paris, became attorney at law, worked in the VC industry for startup bootcamp in Copenhagen for couple of years and built a couple of startups on his own.  Here is an article of just one of his startups “DealCircle partners with Rocket Lawyer to reduce startups’ US legal costs”

Bertrand gave me the break down of the MJ MaryJane App, see below.

MJ MaryJane

The team at Marmot Jaguar Corp created the MJ MaryJane app as a place where cannabis enthusiasts are welcome to classify, rate, store and share their marijuana related content in order to discover the very best.

MJ MaryJane App

MJ MaryJane App


They take privacy serious, so MJ participants have a choice regarding the level of anonymity that they would like to retain on the MJ platform.  You may remain anonymous and still participate and gain credibility and benefit from MJ.

Find the Best Cannabis

MaryJane helps people find the best cannabis by narrowing relevant cannabis review posts of good bud, geo-located as well, if they desire. The good bud that people find on MaryJane has been previously consumed and reviewed by experts.  MJ will help lead you to the best bud for you. That is our mission: ‘To help people find their best bud’.

MJ MaryJane App

MJ MaryJane App

Attributes and Cred

MaryJane cares about your relevant knowledge on cannabis, and not necessarily who you are in the real world.  However, if you’re a novice (Enthusiast?) Advocate, Brand, Budtender, Creative, Critic, Curator, Creative, Dispensary, Entrepreneur, Grower, Healthcare, Journalist, Medical, or Tester, then the MaryJane App is where you can give your critique and review of various strains and in turn help other consumers discover great cannabis in their area.

MJ MaryJane App

MJ MaryJane App

It’s about Taste

Like wine and coffee (and shelter and sex!), at first, all that matters is to have some, as opposed to none.  Eventually, though, people seek to find the best versions.  MJ was created in order to help satisfy this urge.  Often, strains of the same name do have a similar underlying taste profile, however many versions of the same strain, with the same name, are not even remotely similar.  Grown and cured under a variety of conditions, the feel, the taste, the effects, the whole experience can be vastly different.  At MJ, we believe that Flavor is what sets apart the great bud from the merely good bud.

Bud is Unique

MJ respects that each bud is unique, much like a particular vintage of wine from a particular winery.  The best tasting bud is often no more expensive than mediocre or downright nasty bud.  MJ helps people find good tasting cannabis based upon the palettes of other cannabis enthusiasts, critics, advocates and community participants.

MJ MaryJane App

MJ MaryJane App

Follow and Communicate

Follow other MJ community members and if they are located nearby, acquire the exact same bud that has been reviewed.  Find the MJ community member near you that most closely fits your palette and then follow their posts to the best bud in your area.  Engage experts directly through discreet text.  MJ does not store text messages and messages are not able to be recovered beyond 72 hours after they are received.

Like and Collect

Help curate! Like posts and add them to your personal collection. Based upon your level of credibility, posts move up the MJ algorithm (Patent pending). In order for other people to enjoy them more easily.  Liking and Collecting posts increases your credibility.

In order to make a post, simply start with a picture of the bud or any picture that speaks to you. Show off your photography skills!

The best MaryJane posts (hopefully) contain (at least):

  1. the Strain name’ Several strain #hashtag choices are provided during the posting process or any name may be input as well and will be saved for the next time that you make a post.
  1. the Ratings’ you have the ability to rate the Overall (star icon) cannabis experience as well as the Flavor (pac-man icon) of the cannabis you are describing.  Try to be accurate with your ratings and consistent with your scale and your credibility will grow.
  1. where to find the Cannabis’ Tag the dispensary where you purchased your bud.  Tag your friends who share the moment with you or tag the person who gave you the bud. MJ’s goal is to lead people to the good bud, so while we recognize this is not always possible, we try to keep this goal in mind.

You may also choose from a variety of #hashtags including the Form of Consumption as well as specific Flavor profiles, the Effects, and the Reason or Symptoms alleviated.

You may retweet MJ posts to Twitter if you have linked a Twitter account to your MJ account (can be added in settings or during onboarding).

There you have it, and if you’ve made it this far, then you should have a good understanding and appreciation of the app that Bertrand and the Marmot Jaguar group team has given to the marijuana industry.  With his experience in creating startups, I have no doubt that the MJ MaryJane App will be a success.  It’s currently only available on iOS and with an Android version coming soon! Download the App and start curating as well as discover new strains today!

Follow the MJ MaryJane on Twitter @bud_n_breakfast, on Instagram @bud.n.breakfast, and like their Facebook Page.  Let them know you heard about their app on AsaTera.


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