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On November 20th and 21st at Parc 55 Hotel, in San Francisco, one thousand of the cannabis industry’s leading media professionals, technologists, and investors will gather for the world’s first media-focused, technology, and venture capitalist cannabis industry conference known as The New West Summit.


The two-day, 10 panel conference and exhibition will forecast: legalization in 2016, funding trends, the next crop of mobile apps, the technologies disrupting cultivation, extraction and vaporization, intellectual property trends and more.  However, the over-arching focus will be on Business, Technology, and Media.  I am so damn excited about this summit because it embodies everything I want AsaTera to become. 


With an estimated $10 billion in economic impact, The Summit looks at what’s next for non-profits, venture backed startups, publicly traded companies and crowd funding.  Their panel of active, accredited investors and successful entrepreneurs look to cut through the hype.

“What sets New West Summit apart from other cannabis business conferences is the extreme focus on new and disruptive technologies,” stated co-founder McAlpine. “We are going to show the marketplace how tech will be a key component in the integration of cannabis to mainstream culture.” – Jim McAlpine (New West Summit Co-Founder)


The Summit will strive to portray the complete picture of the next generation of consumer marijuana apps and business services disrupting and streamlining the space with business models similar to Yelp, Uber, Salesforce, Grubhub, and Snapchat.  The Summit will also focus on changes in niche marijuana tech such as auditing systems, extraction, Content Management Systems (CMS), cultivation, Point of Sale (POS), and vaporizers.

“We see technology as the driver to much of the innovation and growth in the cannabis business sector,” said Arbit. “We are offering cannabis leaders access to established Silicon Valley innovators who will share their experiences and perspective first hand.” – Dean Arbit (New West Summit Co-Founder)

One huge tech I hope that The Summit will touch on is BIG DATA!! Big Data is at the epicenter of every corporation and will continue to be for the near future.  It is only natural for the it to be in the marijuana industry.


The Summit will focus on the state of the art of cannabis communications, with a focus on social media, editorial trends, marketing, activism, the normalization of cannabis, and the entry of Fortune 500 brands into the industry.

“The Internet and the broader media is the single greatest force shaping the destiny of cannabis consumers and the companies selling to them.” 

I guess this is the category AsaTera falls in.  Shit, who am I fooling, I haven’t made it big yet to even be considered.  One day I will be!! You can bet that!!

Guest Speakers

Dean Arbit

Dean Arbit.  Media Executive & Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of New West Summit.

David Hua

David Hua. CEO, Co Founder of  Meadow a medical marijuana delivery service in the Bay Area.

Keith McCarty

Keith McCarty.  CEO and founder of Eaze a San Francisco marijuana delivery service.

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo.  Co-Founder and Executive Director of Harborside Health Center.  California medical cannabis dispensary and wellness center.

Max Simon

Max Simon.  Founder, CEO, and Director of Green Flower Media.  A media company on a mission to change the social stigma of cannabis through top quality education & captivating stories about people who use cannabis.

David Downs

David Downs.  Co-producer of The New West summit and editor of Smell The Truth.  One of the Internet’s most popular destinations for cannabis-related news and culture.

New West Summit Panel Lineup

PLEASE NOTE:  Speakers and times are to be determined.

FRIDAY November 20th

  • California Legalization 2016 – We quantify the likelihood of  California legalization in 2016 — The polls, the funds, the groups, the problems, potential solutions, things to watch out for.
  • Legal Trends Around the Bend – Post-Obama federal policy, state regulatory trends, the rise of international competition. What’s likely to happen next and when?
  • Raising Funds – What VCs are looking for, what incubators are incubating, major private equity raises, where are the bets being placed and why? Crowdfunding in 2016 and how to vet legitimate publicly traded cannabis companies.
  • Consumer Apps – What’s working, what’s flopping, where apps are going, what app stores will tolerate, are web apps more suitable than native environments? And the best ways to monetize in 2016 and beyond.
  • Sustainability Tech – Developments in energy efficiency, irrigation optimization, grow facilities, mechanization (trimmers), next-generation nutrients,  and mediums.
  • Cannabis Editorial Trends – What users want, what major editorial brands and emerging ones are doing next, new content models, and the rise of consumer brand editorial, dispensary social media.

Saturday November 21st

  • Vape Technologies Forum – We review the hottest sectors and trends in vaping, how brands are differentiating their products, and look at the over-the-horizon new vape technologies, as well as mainstream media placement.
  • Extra Technologies Forum – Understanding the next five years in extraction: residual solvent testing, specialization, supercritical Helium, financing, BHO regulations, and advances in cold-water extraction.
  • New Advertising Opportunities – The future of social, mobile, localized and targeted cannabis advertising in digital, print, outdoor, radio, and TV. Next-gen ad servers, the best ad networks, mainstream brand ambassadors and licensing opportunities, successful native advertising, and types of sponsored content.
  • Marijuana Infused Products Forum – The next five years in edibles: major industry missteps, dosage standardization, solving the problem of consumer unsophistication, micro dose trends, next-level packaging and brand identity, and the rise of functional infused products.
  • Cultivation Technology – A review of disruptive Innovations in genetics, sexing, light deprivation, vegetation, and flowering, harvesting, processing and storage, and state of the art greenhouse tech.
  • Business Software – Emerging, cannabis-optimized solutions to the problems of real-time menus, POS systems, payment processing, CRM, seed to sale tracking, and regulatory compliance.
  • Intellectual Property – A road-map of the race to patent and trademark brands, strains, and even genes. Plant breeder’s rights, new legal appellations.  Will the IP hold up in federal courts?  How are licensing deals being structured?
  • The Future of Cannabis Labs – Who wins and loses amid the first-ever regulations mandating testing as well as lab certification? How will labs shorten testing time and cost? When will we see testing process standardization? The future of consumer test kits and IR spectrometry.

Tickets!! Tickets!! Tickets!!

Tickets to The New West Summit are starting at $395 per day, from 8 am to 6 pm.  This price includes conference credentials, access to both the exhibit hall and speaker/panel events, as well as access to the investor forum.  There are also Fri/Sat 2-day tickets (BEST VALUE) for $600.

A summit wouldn’t be a summit without a VIP ALL ACCESS PASS!!!  For $1200 the VIP ALL ACCESS PASS includes an invitation for two to attend the VIP welcome party on Thursday Night and an opportunity to Interact with their speakers and panelists in private VIP Party on Friday Night.


All 2-day admission tickets include access to a private concert from international reggae superstar Pato Banton.  If there is one thing I know about Pato Banton, it is that he’s a positive Regge artist.  He is sure to keep the crowd in good spirits with his performance.  Check out Pato Banton most popular video below.

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