Niwa An Indoor Intelligent Automated Hydroponic System

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Day 9 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s startup is a Niwa.  It is an intelligent automated hydroponic system to grow vegetables (and marijuana) indoors.  The automated hydroponic system controls the water, temperature, and lighting via an mobile app.  The app allows you to control the system from anywhere.

Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop

Javier Morillas (CEO and Engineer) and Aga Nazaruk (Business and Marketing Specialist) made it their mission to help people grow their own food.  To put into perspective, have you ever wondered, where does your vegetables and fruits come from?  I’ll just tell you, they spend a lot of time traveling thousands of miles from one destination to the store shelves.  The next question is, how are vegetables kept so fresh in transit?  If you don’t know the answer, then maybe you should look into growing your own food (and marijuana).  

“Our vision is to get the world growing by creating tools which are smart, simple and fun to use, bringing the professional gardening knowledge at everybody’s fingers.  Niwa is the world’s first connected platform making growing anything as easy as push of the button at the variety of scales.  Are you ready to get fresh?”

Even though I wholeheartedly support growing your own food, this is a marijuana startup blog, so i’ll leave it up to your imagination on the possibilities Niwa provides in terms of growing your own cannabis.

Niwa ONE

Niwa Mini ($279), Niwa Premium ($359), and Niwa Standard ($319)

There are three versions:  Niwa ONE, Build Your Own, and Niwa Pro.  The Niwa ONE makes it easy to grow your favorite plants and produce all year round in any climate. Whether you’re a budding beginner, or green-fingered grower, Niwa ONE makes growing your own food indoors surprisingly simple and surprisingly fun and comes in three different versions.

The Build Your Own Niwa is for the inventor, designer, and innovator.  It takes Niwa ONE’s powerful growing technology, but keeps it flexible and adaptable enough for you to play around with. It was specially created for makers who love to get their hands dirty, and lets you build, create, and customize your very own hydroponic system.  

Niwa Pro is made for larger scale growing.  You can leverage the power and knowledge of Niwa platform, and make it easy to grow, share, experiment, and collaborate for maximum yields.  With automation, 24/7 monitoring, and remote control, Niwa Pro brings the ultimate productivity to growing.  

All versions of Niwa are available for pre-order with an estimated ship date of “Holiday 2015.”  Check out the details here

As I alluded to earlier, there are endless possibilities to growing marijuana with Niwa.  Whether its Niwa ONE for individual consumers, or the Niwa Pro for the more serious grower. Niwa is sure to provide a solution. 

Follow Niwa on Twitter @getniwa, Aga Nazaruk @agaonfire, and Javier Morillas @4MRBR.  Let them know that AsaTera sent you.  

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