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Day 11 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups.  This startup I recently found needs no introduction because they’re popular in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Potbox is a  premium marijuana subscription club.  They curate only the highest quality and organically grown medical marijuana and deliver it fresh from the farm to your doorstep each month.  

You know the term “farm to table” restaurants, well now you have “farm to doorstep” medical marijuana!! 

When you receive your Potbox, you know that you’re getting some high quality bud, but what you don’t know is the type of bud you’ll receive.  Your Potbox contains a quarter-ounce each of two different strains.  What’s even better is that the strains are inline with what you prefer.  So if you love indicas like I do, then you’re monthly strains will be Indicas!! 

You’ll also receive two pre-rolled joints for immediate consumption!  The joints are fresh also, as they are rolled right before your Potbox goes out for delivery.  If the quality of the marijuana isn’t enough to show you that Potbox is serious about the ethicalness of the cannabis they deliver to you, they also provide official lab results outlining THC, CBD, chemical levels, information on where it was grown, and much more.

Any company that pays this much attention to quality and ensures that the customers receives only the best, is a company that AsaTera supports!

The process to get started is straight forward and simple.  You tell Potbox where you live and upload a valid physician’s referral as well as credit card information.  Tell them your cannabis preferences and for $149.99 a month, you will have monthly deliveries of the highest quality cannabis delivered directly to your doorstep!   

As I mentioned previously, Potbox is only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, which is a bummer for other cities and states.  I’ll reach out to them and see if they have any plans of expanding anytime soon.  

In the mean time, follow Potbox on Twitter @GetPotbox, Instagram @getpotbox, and Facebook.  Let them know AsaTera sent you!!

If you’re currently subscribed to Potbox, leave a comment down below and let us know how you like them.   

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