Serica brings Blockchain tech to the Marijuana Industry

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Today is Day 1 of my writing spree.  I plan to write about a marijuana startup every day for the next 30 days.  The marijuana industry is ripe with startups with potential to disrupt the entire industry, and I want to make sure that AsaTera captures this exciting time in the industry.  

The startup I’m writing about today is not necessarily labeled as a “marijuana startup” per se, but it’s move into the industry has the potential to seriously disrupt it in a major way! and I like when shit gets disrupted!! 

I spend countless hours researching marijuana startups with the intent to bring you the best among them.  Every once in a while i’d stumble across one that I feel is truly special.  Serica is no different.  

As I researched Serica I started to realize that I was staring at future of banking for the entire world.  What is the future of banking you ask? BLOCK CHAIN!! Serica About Us page states:

“Serica brings software engineering, crypto finance, financial custody, and blockchain technology to traditional custodian finance.  We help global customers secure profits in growing digital money space.”

So what is blockchain and how does it pertain to the marijuana industry? Before I break it down, you should probably have a fundamental understanding on what Block Chain is.  To make it easy, I found a 5 min video explaining in the most basic terms.  Check it out below.    

Basically what it boils down to is, the marijuana industry is still a cash based, and thats a problem.  I wrote about my disdain about the banking industry not getting involved here.  I hate it, I hate it with a passion that the banking industry is the reason why the marijuana industry growth is slow.  

Serica uses the blockchain to track and record every purchase, and gives companies an easy way to accept payments online!!  Let that sink in for a minute, and ask yourself, how will the marijuana industry change once only payments becomes the standard?  My follow up question is what happens when you can order marijuana online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep or mailbox?  That’s where the industry is headed and I believe Sercia will be at the forefront.

With Colorado leading the way in state supported recreational marijuana, part of me wish that they would keep their foot on the pedal, and allow Serica’s system as a form of online payments!  

Serica strategic move into the marijuana industry has the potential to undermine the large corporate banks.  Which is exactly what is needed to really disrupt not just the marijuana industry but the banking industry as well.  

I just want to end with a big ass MIDDLE FINGER and a FUCK YOU!! to all the corporate banks that stand in way of progression of the marijuana industry.  I’m riding with Serica, and I will definitely keep an eye on this company.

The CEO is Taariq Lewis and is active on twitter @taariqlewis, go a head and follow and let him that you support Serica’s move into the marjiaua industry. Better yet, let him know that AsaTera sent you!!

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      At the time I wrote this article, Serica leveraged the blockchain technology. Blockchain alone would’ve made them completely different from any and all banks. However, December 2015. Serica shut down their blockchain operations to pursue other profitable avenues.

      Blockchain in is the future of the financial industry, check it out, it’s truly a game-changer.

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