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Day 19 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s marijuana startup attended the inaugural class of the first cannabis business accelerator program, CanopyBoulder, a grueling 3 month business boot camp.  Stashlogix was Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2014 by Skip Stone, and was developed on the principles of privacy and security.  Stashlogix is the one place where you can keep your cannabis safe, secure and discreet.  

I had a chance to briefly communicate with Skip via social media and I asked him some questions.  In keeping with the startup tradition of AsaTera, below are his responses.  



1.   Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m engineer by degree and trade so I’m constantly looking for solutions to problems.  Storing cannabis in shoeboxes, top shelves of closets, and glove boxes leaves something to be desired.  I needed something that fit in my lifestyle better, an every day carry for my cannabis products.  Hidden in the garage wasn’t the image I wanted to portray.  



2.   Why did you start Stashlogix?

Raising a family with 2 elementary school kids has many challenges, and here in Colorado it comes with new challenges too.  I wasn’t expecting cannabis to be an issue until they were about high school age, but the low dose edibles means they may accidentally discover them well before that.  

Gummy bears and the like are great for taking the edge off but to unsuspecting kids, these look like familiar treats and candies. I’ve been a cannabis consumer for 30 yrs. but the low dose predictable edibles were an eye opener. 

As a consumer and a responsible parent and, I knew I needed to keep the family safe.   My wife was nervous and my parents thought I was crazy to abandon my engineering career but I knew this was problem that needed to be solved.  It helps living in Boulder and being in the right time in history too. 

 3.   Besides your website, are there any other locations where someone can purchase your products?

On our website you can find a link to the dispensaries that are selling our products.  We just launched 2 months ago but we are already in shops in the Denver / Boulder area, as well as Seattle, San Francisco, and even Florida.  There is so much potential because it’s not just United States that is ending prohibition, it’s happening in Canada, Uruguay, Spain, Columbia, Germany and many more are paying close attention.  



4.   What are your current product lines, do you plan on expanding them in the near future?

Our current products are (from smallest to largest) the GoStash, the EcoStash, and the ProStash. We’ve got tons of ideas in the pipeline but that all depends on how everyone responds to our bags.  We want everyone to get their hands on them, use them and love them.  

There you have it, straight from the creator of Stashlogix.  Go ahead and follow them on Twitter at @STASHLOGIX , like their Facebook, and Instagram pages.  Let them know AsaTera sent you.

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