STASHLOGIX – keep your cannabis secure and discreet

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Day 19 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s marijuana startup attended the inaugural class of the first cannabis business accelerator program, CanopyBoulder, a grueling 3 month business boot camp.  Stashlogix was Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2014 by Skip Stone, and was developed on the principles of privacy and security.  Stashlogix is the one place where you can keep your cannabis safe, secure and …

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case starts an Indiegogo Campaign

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Day 18 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  The Apothecarry Case was featured here before, however, they have made so much progress that it’s worth mentioning them again because they have started an Indiegogo campaign. Before I start talking about their campaign, follow them on Twitter ITS TIME!!! PREORDER IS LIVE FOR THE APOTHECARRY CASE!! — The Apothecarry (@theapothecarry) …

MJ MaryJane App

MJ MaryJane App – rate and discover medicinal cannabis.

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Day 17 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  I mentioned before, I pay specific attention to startups who reach out to me via social media and this particular startup did exactly that.  Therefore, to start 2016 off, today’s startup is an app called MJ MaryJane created by a team over at Marmot Jaguar Corp. Bertrand Bisson is the CEO of Marmot …

Who is Happy App

Who is Happy a geolocation network for cannabis consumers

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Day 16 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s startup hails all the way from Brazil and is the second international community I’ve written about. “Who is Happy is a geolocation social network created for cannabis consumers to share their happiness and locate useful services.”  Basically, what that means is you can anonymously share your location to tell the world how …

Leafs By Snoop

Leafs By Snoop

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Day 15 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s startup recently hit the media by surprise and rightfully so.  Any company that has Snoop Dogg affiliated with it would definitely get attention from all media outlets.  Leafs by Snoop (or LBS) was exclusively announced on Merry Jane and its Snoop’s brand new line of cannabis products. So why write about LBS …


DryGair, an environment friendly dehumidifier for Greenhouses

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Day 13 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups.  Today’s startup is an international one.  I’ve spent hours searching for international marijuana startups.  I truly believe that most startups aren’t talking about or even considering how the international community affects the development of the cannabis industry.  Not too long ago, I tweeted that I was looking for an international marijuana company.  …

Exporting and Importing Marijuana

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Exporting Marijuana Marijuana exportation is not a topic that is talked about much.  However, I believe in exportation lies the true essence and the beauty of marijuana as a commodity.  States with recreational and legal medical marijuana are already pioneers and stand to reap even more financial benefits that they are currently enjoying.  If and when marijuana becomes legal at …