The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case A High Quality Humidor for Cannabis

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Day 10 of 30 Days of Marijuana Startups and I’m so excited about this marijuana startup.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Whitney Beatty the CEO of The Apothecarry Brands.  Whitney created The Apothecarry Case; a high quality humidor for cannabis. 

Whitney and I hit it off immediately, we both share the same passion for the cannabis industry and she definitely has a vision for her company as well the cannabis community as a whole.  

I can ramble on, but in keeping with AsaTera Q&A tradition, I asked Whitney some questions regarding her startup and below you can see her response.    

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

1.  Who is Whitney Beatty?  Tell me a little about yourself.

Apothecarry was started by me, a 36 year old tv development executive and mother who never saw herself as a “stoner.” I was raised in the age of Nancy Regan and “Just Say No” and I never touched marijuana until my senior year of college!  But after being diagnosed with anxiety and was recommended to try marijuana I extensively researched the benefits of cannabis, shook off the years of stigma and decided to try it.  As my knowledge of cannabis expanded, I became a proponent of the herb, but I still didn’t identify with prevailing weed culture perpetuated in the media, nor the goods dripping with bikini clad women targeted at them.

I love brewing my own craft beer at home and endless pursuit of all things Pinterest (I’ve been called a hipster Martha Stewart)  So as I researched ways to set up a better storage system for my stash I realized – there wasn’t one!  I was shocked… I mean, If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor, and my wine is in wine fridge, why the heck is my weed in a shoebox in the closet?

After meeting so many like minded cannabis users, who also lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids and pets and who were tired of searching around for their stash to discover it dried out from plastic baggies and non-airtight dispensary jars, I designed and developed the case and Apothecarry was born. 

The brand seeks to redefine the image of cannabis users who take pride and pleasure in their stash, while filling a hole in the marijuana paraphernalia market for everyone from the attorneys who tokes after their high powered workday, to the  “stiletto stoners” who are hosting ladies night, to the seniors using medication for health benefits and everyone in between who demands the best in all things. We take pride in representing the millions of men and women across the country take pride in working hard, raising families, and enjoying medical or legal marijuana.

2.  What made you decide to create the Apothecarry Case?

Cannabis has grown up. Gone are the days that weed was linked to stoner culture, teen boys basements and hippies.  With legalization and more medical research than ever before, the profile of marijuana users is changing from something elicit to something to be enjoyed. As specific strains gain popularity, consumers are now more focused than ever on the quality of their buds —  taking pride in a good “stash” in the same way one may pull out a fine single malt scotch or a Cuban cigar.   They demand the best smoking experience, and with the Apothecarry Case, that’s exactly what they will get.  High style and high quality goods designed with the upscale smoker in mind.

3.  What sets Apothecarry apart form a traditional humidor?

The Apothecarry case is the natural next step in the evolution of legal cannabis.  A high-end luxury case made to keep your stash at its freshest, most optimum quality — whether you medicate daily, socially, or only on special occasions.  Our patent pending Airtight Humidity Jars guarantee that your herbs are stored in the best of conditions, won’t mold or grow brittle — or worst yet, stale — all so that YOU can enjoy the full nuanced and layered experience of your high quality herbs. FINALLY, you can have the experience that your grower intended!  Not to mention that it keeps your stash labeled, organized and surrounded by experience elevating top quality tools – We mean, keef catcher anyone?!?!   Plus with its sleek, sexy design and luxury feel, it’s serves as part of the pampering you deserve – and a stash to show with pride while enjoying an after dinner toke with friends.   Oh, and don’t forget what’s most important – a secure key lock that keeps your stash safe and secure to transport or store. The final result is an upscale smoking experience that the indo-lifestyle is all about.

4.  You mentioned an upcoming Apothecarry release party, when and where will it be, and is it a closed event?

Its our company online launch, when we start taking our first orders in November.  We are amped because we are preparing some fun online content to turn a few heads!

5.  If someone is interested in purchasing, where should they go?

Visit our website at and get on out list for an early adopter discount when we launch in November

6.  Where do you see your company within the next 5-10 years?

I think we will be a well-known international brand in the canna-business space.  I really think smokers are over the “stash in a nike box” thing that’s been going on for way too long, and once they experience what its like when you store in a humidor and use quality tools, you can’t go back!  It’s kind of like the way you wouldn’t leave your favorite box of Cheerios out open on the counter for a month and expect them to edible when you pour a bowl — you shouldn’t be leaving your flowers out either.  Long term storage in baggies or pop-top dispensary containers are doing people an injustice.

I also think we will be a hub of lndo-lifestyle content and and information.  We are excited to start to run featured content from an absolutely amazing set of bloggers, from 40 year old stay at home moms who are trying weed for the first time and letting us ride shotgun with her through her adventures (and mistakes), to stories from our “Tree Therapist” discussing weed, yoga and mindfulness, to our sex bloggers discussing anything and everything about weed and the bedroom.  It’s truly going to be a place to learn, discover and relate to like minded people.  I personally can’t wait. 

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

There you have it, straight from Whitney Beatty.  The Apothecarry Case is definitely what the cannabis industry needs right now.  Its MSRP is $225 which an excellent deal given the quality and meticulous attention to detail Whitney has put into this product.

The Apothecarry Case isn’t just about having a humidor to stash your cannabis in; it’s more than that.  It’s a new image to uphold, it’s about having pride in keeping your cannabis in its freshest state.  More importantly, it’s about treating your cannabis the same way you would treat fine wine or an ultra-premium cigar; with the utmost care!  Pre-order yours now!!  

You can follow Whitney on Twitter at @lwhitneyb as well as her company @theapothecarry.  Like her Facebook page and follow on Instagram @theapothecarry.  Let her know AsaTera sent you!! 


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