The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case starts an Indiegogo Campaign

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Day 18 of 30 of Marijuana Startups.  The Apothecarry Case was featured here before, however, they have made so much progress that it’s worth mentioning them again because they have started an Indiegogo campaign.

Before I start talking about their campaign, follow them on Twitter

The Apothecarry Case keeps your cannabis fresh organized and secure!

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

It is the complete Humidor organizational system designed specifically to meet the needs of the discerning smoker.  Their technologically advanced Humidor and future product line offer the luxury and class that today’s proud modern smoker demands.

The Apothecarry Case – A Stash With Class 

The case is safely secured with a duel combination and key lock.  It is crafted from the finest hardwood and uniquely designed to organize everything you need in one place.  The case is separated into two sections to prevent odors like resin from-cross contaminating your fresh herbs.  One side is used to host your strains, dabs and oil canisters, and the other side holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes and vaporizers.    

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

4 or 8 Separate Strain Systems

You can choose the 4 strain system equipped with 4 glass containers coated with non-stick silicone, perfect for holding dabs and/or oils as well as a high quality metal grinder with filters.  Currently, as part of their kick-off special, the 4 strain system is currently $150 for the first 25 supporters of their campaign (18 of 25 claimed so far).

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case is a must have for today’s responsible smoker!

It is the first complete marijuana storage solution that keeps your cannabis products fresh and secure without sacrificing quality or style, and if the pics and description thus far haven’t convinced you to support their campaign, see the video below.

If you have made it this far, please support their Indiegogo Campaign.  I truly believe that the Cannabis Industry wouldn’t be where it is today without the support from consumers.  Whitney, the CEO of the case, has put her heart and soul into this wonderful product.  She is driven by passion and her attention to details shows in this case.  

This isn’t just a post about a marijuana startup.  This is a post about someone who believes in driving the marijuana industry forward by bringing to the market a humidor thats been desperately needed.  If you’re truly a connoisseur of cannabis and take pride and being able to offer you house guest the finest bud, then please support Whitney.  Like their Facebook Page and follow on Instagram, let them know AsaTera sent you.


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