Top Marijuana Startups Making an Impact on the Industry Part 2

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Check out Part 1 of Top Marijuana Startups here.

In continuing with this series, below are a few more marijuana startups that are making waves in the industry.

Point of Sale Designed for Marijuana Retailers

Marijuana Dispensaries have a hard time maintaining accountability of their inventory and their cash.  Greenbits created a point of sale system that lets bud tenders easily sell products, process payments, and manage the dispensary –  all from an iPad!  

Greenbits’ mission “is to alleviate the pain of running a canna-business.  Our point of sale software enables marijuana businesses to grow while we keep them legal.”

For Washington State Dispensaries, Greenbits integrates with WSLCB Traceability API to ensure your business is in compliance with i502 regulations.  The WSLCB Traceability API also makes managing inventory easy by letting managers know what products are incoming and automatically add them to inventory.

To make it easier on owners, managers, and bud tenders, Greenbits has a reporting tool to keep track of customers, sales, and inventory in real time.  

Their hardware package includes an iPad stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode reader.  For incoming inventory, the hardware includes a barcode reader and printer.  They provide this for a low price of $200/month with no setup fees!      

Snoop Dogg has plans to raise $25 million to invest marijuana startups

While this announcement is not necessarily, a startup.  Having Snoop invest in your marijuana company maybe what a lot of startups need to break into the industry.  

Snoop Dogg marijuana startup focused Venture Capitalist Fund is called Casa Verde Capital (Green House in Spanish) and has already invested in what is known thus far as the biggest investment in a marijuana startup to date: a $10 million Series A investment in San Francisco-based Weed delivery startup Eaze.  

It seems as if, the only way to get recognized by Casa Verde Capital is to email them at 

Commercial Real Estate for Marijuana Businesses

If you’re looking for prime real estate to setup shop, HerbFront is the nation’s only verified legal cannabis property listing platform, capital market, and broker network powered with predictive zoning maps. 

Marijuana startups can take advantage of HerbFront’s game changing real estate technology that will redefine the way you search for real estate.  They are the only listing service that can verify if property is in compliance with local zoning laws nationwide.  

HerbFront hires only the top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in cannabis zoned cities, which gives you access to the best professionals in the industry.

HerbFront is a multi-prong startup.  They cater to current commercial property owners, by providing the opportunity to reinvent property values.  They also cater to current Commercial Real Estate Agents, by giving them the opportunity to join HerbFront’s world renowned staff.  Lastly, they cater to the marijuana startup that is looking for a location to start their business.  

Marijuana Startup Accelerator

Out of all the startups mentioned in this post, CanopyBoulder has to be my favorite.  I am a fan of startups, but I’m even more a fan of companies who help startups reach their potential.  

“CanopyBoulder is a mentorship driven seed stage investment program for startups in the cannabis industry, with a focus on ancillary products and services.”  

CanopyBuilder is the leading accelerator in the legal cannabis industry.  Startups who are accepted to the program receive $20,000 in funding and everything they need to go from idea to business.  Startups who are accepted into the program will spend 3 months developing their company in the heart of the cannabis industry – Boulder, CO.  Startups are matched with the professionals, mentors, advisors, and icons of the cannabis industry.

CanopyBuilder focus on ancillary products with an eye on big ideas with big ramifications in the industry.  They accept applications in all products and services sectors, including but not limited to: software, technology, media, events, safety, data, and much more.

On August 24, 2015 at 5pm, at CanopyBuilder’s office, CanopyBuilder will launch 10 pioneering companies who have already raised over $2.4 million.  Tickets for the launch party are $5 and go towards supporting non-profit advocacy groups like SSDP and MPP.

If you’re in Boulder, CO and would like to support the industry, swing by CanopBuilder’s office at 3629 28th St., Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301 to check out their Fall launch class.     

The Airbnb of Marijuana

BudandBreakfast offers instant access to safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodations worldwide.  Guests get a choice and convenience, and Owners get exposure of their properties to premium travelers.  

Bud and Breakfast provides an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards for quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also enjoy consuming cannabis.  

Whether you’re a traveler looking for marijuana friendly accommodations or a looking to host, stop by  

If you would like to become a host, you can find Bud and Breakfasts application process here.


PotCoin is digital currency for the cannabis industry.  If you’re familiar with bitcoin, PotCoin is similar.  I’m familiar with bitcoin, however, an entire article can be written on crypto currency so I will spare you the technical information.  

PotCoin uses state of the art encryption which provides unparalleled network security.  The network is powered by Blockchain Technology and their software is open source and free to use.  

The PotCoin mission “is to economize the cannabis industry.  PotCoin as a digital currency is an alternative payment network for cannabis users, merchants and industry professionals.  The PotCoin network allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.”

PotCoin has no affiliation with other crypto currencies.  Understanding digital currency has steep learning curve.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this turns out!  I’ll be definitely my eye on this startup.  I might even get into a little bit of mining.  

That is all for startups for now, If you enjoyed this post, feel free to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page, I would appreciate it.  Furthermore, leave a comment down below if any of the startups peaked your interests.

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