VUE Duo – A Flower + Concentrate infusion vaporizer

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Not too long ago I wrote about a  startup by the name of Metavap who created an amazing vaporizer known as VUE.  You can read about them here.  I was so intrigued about their product that I stayed up to date wit the company.  Their company and product is now known as the VUE Duo!

VUE Duo goes through rebranding



Recently the startup has gone through some rebranding.  They have changed their name from Metavap to VUE (Vaporization User Experience), and their introductory product from VUE to Duo.  You can read about their rebranding in more detail at their blog.    

If you haven’t read my original post, the VUE Duo vaporizer contains two chambers, that can burn flowers and concentrate SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! When I first discovered this startup, my initial thought was “no way” but after speaking via social media with the creators, it is indeed true.  The Duo vaporizer is the first vaporizer of it’s kind.  

In addition to their rebrand, VUE has conducted beta testing extensively, both personally and with users to gain a better understanding of their product, as well as what it should be in the context of consumers lives. 

To gather this valuable data, VUE keeps the Duo barebones and devoid of any features on purpose.  This allow them to get honest feedbacks from customers on how the device can cater to their specific needs.

VUE Duo needs funding

While beta testing is extremely important to VUE, and they’re learning valuable information, they ultimately need funding.  They have laid the foundation, such as filing their I.P., making large distribution connections and planning the roadmap for their product line. 

A plan is in place, but they need a visionary investor or group of investors to help take VUE Duo from a strong, proven concept that solves a very clear need in the market, to a product that is able to be put on shelves, purchased online and sent to customers.

The future of the VUE Duo



Ultimately, this is where they currently stand and what they have been focusing vigorously on. While they have a few potential deals in the pipeline, they are still looking for likeminded investors who are interested in changing the future of vaporization, and fulfilling an enormous need among patients and users alike across the country. 

VUE has a strong team in place and is ready to take their share of the market. Once they have the financing needed, they expect roughly a 8-10 month timeline before we are shipping product.

I’m definitely looking forward to when this product is in full production.  VUE Duo embodies what it means to be a startup.  They have a product that definitely addresses a problem in the marijuana industry, and they only need proper funding to move to the next level.  



If you live in the Northeast area of the US and would like to try out the Duo, you can fill out an application here.  If you’re an investor or just interested in VUE and the Duo, follow them on Twitter at @VUE_Vape, like their Facebook, and Instagram pages.  Let them know you read about them on AsaTera.  

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