Welcome to AsaTera the blog about recreational marijuana

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Who are we?

A blog about recreational marijuana

It’s 4/20 and how cliche is it to launch on this day?  It is extremely cliche but there’s no better day to do so.  Welcome to AsaTera.  AsaTera is derived from two Japanese words.  Asa麻 means Hemp and Tera寺 means TempleAsaTera (or Hemp Temple) is a blog for all marijuana sellers and consumers.  My focus will be on marijuana as a commodity and its recreational use.  The writing on the wall is apparent!!! Marijuana will be legalized at the federal level!!  This blog will try to identify “What does a fully legal marijuana industry look like?”

What AsaTera isn’t?

Definitely not a political blog

AsaTera is not another website about the latest marijuana news or what state is on the verge of legalizing medical marijuana.  I will try my best to avoid writing about the political and medical environment of the marijuana industry, however, at times some post may bleed into those genres because they are the current reality of marijuana today.

What AsaTera is?  

A blog for the marijuana community

I would like AsaTera to become a community.  I realize there are communities all over the web, however, most are centered around dispensaries.  I have yet to find any information on individual marijuana sellers.  I’m not referring to street peddlers but more so sellers of marijuana products that are truly unique.  For example, a “Martha Stewart” of marijuana.  I would like AsaTera to become a community for those individual sellers.

Currently, dispensaries are getting a ton of publicity.  Whether its a special on CNN, or delivery apps catered to ordering and delivering medical marijuana into the hands of patients.  Individual sellers are being left out and I believe the individual sellers have a lot more to offer the industry than what is currently being portrayed by the media.  I believe in marijuana and more so, I believe in the creativity people are capable of and I would like AsaTera to serve as a voice for individual sellers.

In addition, I will have a podcast.  This podcast will be in an interview format to give individual sellers the opportunity to talk about their product(s).  Together AsaTera Blog and Podcast will sever as a voice for individual sellers.

Spread the word!!

AsaTera is here to stay!

AsaTera is for the marijuana community and will only grow if the community contributes as a whole.  If you are a consumer and are aware of a product that the world should know about then contact me.  Furthermore, if you are a seller of a unique product and would like to be a guest on my podcast, contact me at maxxabillion@asatera.com  

I leave you with a couple of questions.  What do you believe the marijuana industry (once fully legal) will look like?  Are there any unique marijuana products that you currently use or know of that other consumers should be aware of? Leave a comment down in the comment section.  

Please sign up for my contact list to get notified when I post and follow me on Twitter and like us on Facebook and with that I say welcome to AsaTera!!

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